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bhojanakutuhalam book hindi

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Bhojanakutuhalam Book Hindi by Acharya Balkrishna

Bhojanakutuhalam Book Hindi by Acharya Balkrishna
Description :
Indian culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world. Indians 
researched a lot to improve the life of human beings. They have written
many books called Vedas which gives direction to human how to live better
and improved life. There are four Vedas rigved, ajurvved, saamved and Atharvved.
Ayurveda is believed to be generated from Atharvved. Ayurveda and its principle
gives very reliable information about human body. How to treat diseases while
keeping health of whole body in mind. Ayurveda treatments are based on natural
herbs so there are very less chance of side effects. There are almost null side
effect of Ayurveda medicines. 

This book give info about Ayurveda medicines and herbs which is very useful 
way to keep human body healthy all the times in a natural way.

Language : Hindi
Publisher : Divya Prakashan
Binding : Paperback
Approx. Weight: 700 grams
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