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Anmol Mitti Ke Bol Hindi

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Anmol Mitti Ke Bol Book Hindi By Swami Ramdev

Anmol Mitti Ke Bol Book Hindi By Swami Ramdev
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Description :
This book provides information about mud therapy

Advantages of Mud: Mud Therapy 

1)Mud treatment is reviving, strengthening, and vitalizing. 

2)Mud treatment gives coolness and in addition assimilates lethal
substances from the body. 

3)At the point when mud pack connected over the body for 20-30 minutes,
gives reliefs from acid reflux, successful in diminishing intestinal warmth
and animates peristalsis. 

4)Mud being a dark shading retains all the shades of the Sun and passes on
to the body. 

5)A thick mud pack connected to head in congestive migraine diminishes the
agony quickly. Use of the pack over the eyes is powerful for
conjunctivitis, hemorrhages in the eyeball, tingling, short sight and long

6)At the point when splashed mud is connected on the face and permitted to
dry for 30 minutes, enhances skin appearance, expelling pimples, take out
dark circles around eyes and open skin pores. 

7)Mud shower enhances the skin condition by expanding the course and
invigorating the skin tissues. 

8)For wounds and skin sicknesses, use of mud is the characteristic and
genuine gauze. 

9)Mud is utilized effectively for sicknesses like clogging, cerebral pain,
hypertension, skin infections and so forth. 

10)The mud ought to be taken from 3 to 4 ft. profundity from the surface of
the ground to evade pollution of chemicals, stones, garbage, and so forth.

Language : Hindi
Publisher : Divya Prakashan
Approx. Weight: 400 grams
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20% OFF for limited time
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