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The Complete Handbook Of Nature Cure

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The Complete Handbook Of Nature Cure In English By H K Bakhru

The Complete Handbook Of Nature Cure In English By H K Bakhru
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Description :
Naturopathy has taken quick walks and increased critical acknowledgment as
of late. Individuals are steadily understanding the constraints of
allopathic medications and customary western drug. Thus, they are presently
swinging to characteristic solutions and strategies to treat their
infirmities. In this book, Dr. H.K. Bakhru clarifies the points of interest
and advantages of an assortment of normal treatments. He clarifies how
regular nourishment, characteristic components, yoga and all the more for
the most part, the recognition of the laws of nature, can permit patients
to conquer their sicknesses. He additionally audits the elements of a solid
and nutritious eating routine. The creator certifies that "great wellbeing
should be everyone's worry, not exclusively the restorative profession's".
In tailing this rule, he utilizes basic dialect to clarify his medicines
and the basic thinking behind his speculations. This all around showed book
will be advantageous for the individuals who are looking for common cures
for their diseases. The book will likewise serve as a helpful aide for
those inspired by driving basic and sound lives. Moreover, the book will be
an exceptionally valuable reference guide for understudies of naturopathy
and professionals of nature cure.

ISBN 10: 8172242298
ISBN 13: 978-8172242299
Language : English
Publisher : Orient Paperbacks
Binding : Paperback
Published Year: 1991
Approx. Weight: 210 gm
Availability: In Stock

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20% OFF for limited time
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