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Yoga for Kidney

The kidneys are positioned in the back of body at the height of the floating ribs. Excessive contraction in back portion will affect the kidney area and sometimes it causes pain. Dhanurasana and Gurudasana both are very beneficial for one suffering from any kind of kidney-associated problems or any urinary problems.

Dhanurasana exactly means a bow pose. Sanskrit means of bow is Dhanush. The real pose of dhanurasana seems like an archer's bow. This asana not only increases flexibility of spine but it is also extremely good for all types of kidney problems. Dhanurasana basically involve muscles of groins, belly, spine, shoulders, chest and neck. This asana increases flexibility of almost whole body.

  1. First lie on the belly and fold up the legs maintaining the ankles on the hip. Both knees and toes should be touching.
  2. Now hold both the legs with both hands from the ankle.
  3. While breathe in, knees should be raised and thighs should be stretched up and keep the hands straight.
  4. After raising the lower portion of body, the upper portion including stomach, chest, neck, and head should also be raised. The only portion that should contact the floor ideally is the abdominal section about naval area. Rest of the body parts should be lifted creating the shape like stretched bow
In Sanskrit Guruda means kidney. So the name self suggested that gurudasana is for kidney and it is very beneficial for one suffering from kidney-associated troubles and also helpful in many urinary problems.

  1. First stand straight and then brought left leg forward over right leg and now coiled left leg over right leg.
  2. In similar manner coil both the hands together and both palms should touch each other in position of Namaskara. Hold it for some time and than repeat it steps with other side of body.