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Haridrakhand Churna

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Haridrakhand Churna By Baba Ramdev Patanjali Ayurved

Haridrakhand Churna By Baba Ramdev Patanjali Ayurved
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Description :
The pharmaceutical Haridrakhand is readied of ayurvedic herbs like
turmeric, myrobalan and others and it is exceptionally helpful in skin
sensitivity (articaria) like issues. Its general use not just treats
genuine unfavorably susceptible diseases,but likewise upgrades the
insusceptible framework to fight with the maladies. 
Haridrakhand is a characteristic treatment for interminable hack and hack.
The principle herb which is in this cure is turmeric. Turmeric is utilized
for treatment of hypersensitive respiratory contaminations. It is accepted
to be great herb for skin infections, for example, urticaria. 

Doses:Take half spoon as indicated by the need in morning and night, in
mellow warm water or with milk.


* Skin ailments 

* Asthma 

* Bronchitis 

* Cough 

* Cold 

* Sinusitis 

* Rhinitis 

* Inflammatory ailments 

* Respiratory diseases 

* Urticaria

Manufactured By : Patanjali Ayurved Limited
Approx. Weight: 100 grams
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Price : US$ 9 US$ 7.65  (Free worldwide shipment | 100% Safe & Secure Transactions)
15% OFF for limited time
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