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Shila Sindoor

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Shila Sindoor By Swami Ramdev Patanjali Ayurved

Shila Sindoor By Swami Ramdev Patanjali Ayurved
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Description :
Shila Sindoor is a metallic Ayurvedic medication (Ras Oushadhi). This
pharmaceutical is readied from mercury, sulfur and arsenic disulphide.
Shila Sindur is readied by handling Shuddha Parada (purged mercury),
Shuddha Gandhaka (sulfur) and Shuddha Manashila (arsenic disulphide) in
Kumari swaras. Shila sindoor is a rasayana and useful for cerebrum and
heart. It is a wide range anti-infection that viably cures numerous
irresistible ailments and purges blood. 

Doses:For restorative reason, the most extreme measurement is 1 Ratti (125
mg) to 2 Ratti (250 mg) or as coordinated by the doctor. 


*Skin maladies, uncleanliness or kustha, skin tingling, boil 
*Rakta dosha (vitiated rakta dhatu) 
*Irresistible sicknesses, for example, fever, sannipat jwar, malarial fever

*Hack and respiratory disease 
*Gonorrhea, stoutness

Manufactured By : Patanjali Ayurved Limited
Approx. Weight: 1 grams
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15% OFF for limited time
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