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Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Hiccups

Hiccups are spontaneous actions over which we have not control. These reactions are caused because of the reduction in the diaphragm muscles. Even though hiccups disappear on their own, but constant hiccups for a day or two is a cause for worry. Below given are some effective home remedies for hiccups treatment:
  1. Easiest remedy for hiccups would be to drink water regularly in small durations.

  2. One more easy and effective remedy for hiccups treatment would be to suck crushed ice. This would give immediate relief.

  3. Having one teaspoon of peanut butter would be helpful in stopping hiccups.

  4. An excellent remedy for hiccups treatment is to gargle with lukewarm water.

  5. At time of hiccups, taking deep breaths is very beneficial.

  6. Take one cup of yogurt and add 2 tsp of common salt in it. Have this gradually to control hiccups.

  7. An effective remedy for treatment of hiccups would be licking of tablespoon of sugar slowly.

  8. Most simple trick would be to distract the mind in some other works. This is very helpful in stopping hiccups.

  9. Add half tsp of cardamom powder in 2 cups of water. Now boil this water and then filter it. Drink this filtrate to stop the hiccups.

  10. Another best remedy for hiccups is ginger. Take a small piece of ginger and suck it slowly. This would control the hiccups instantly.
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