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Breathing means taking oxygen in and removing carbon dioxide out of the body. Aerobic organisms want oxygen to produce energy by means of respiration that is breathing. Breathing exercise in yoga is called as Pranayama. Pranamyam is a Sanskrit word that means "control of prana or breath. Pranayama word is composed of two different Sanskrit words, first is Prana, means "life control" or mainly, the breath, and second one is "Ayama", means to suspend or restrain. It is often explained as organizing the life force (prana). When word Breathing or Pranayama used as a technical name in yoga, it is explained particularly as "breath control" or "suspension of breath" or "regulation of breath".

In yoga, there is a saying: "When you can control your breathing, you can control the whole things".

In a Yogic analysis, appropriate breathing is to carry more oxygen to the blood and brain, and to control Prana or the fundamental life energy. Pranayama Yoga is followed by different Asanas. The combination of these two Yogic values is measured as the highest form of purification and self-discipline, covers equally mind and body. Therefore Yoga breathing is most important feature of a successful yoga practice. Breathing exercise or Pranayama is also important for performing other yoga poses technically perfect.

Proper yoga breathing techniques are compulsory, in order to attain the best possible state of harmony among the body and the mind. Breathing or Pranayama helps in achieving the required state of calmness and synchronized the internal and external body.