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Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis

The term multiple sclerosis is originated from the various areas of scarring (sclerosis) that symbolize the number of patches in the nervous system. Multiple Sclerosis is basically an autoimmune disorder in which the body's protective immune system get attacked and destroys the fatty tissue like, myelin, which is surrounding of nerves in the brain and spinal cord. These myelin covering execute the same task for nerves that the insulation do around an electrical wire. In lack of the myelin covering, nerves impulses from brain to body are become puzzled, misdirected, or are completely blocked. Multiple sclerosis affects different parts of the nervous system. The signs and symptoms of this disease are so miscellaneous that medical practitioners might fail to notice the diagnosis when initially the signs show up. The common symptoms of multiple sclerosis are poor digestive function, nervousness, tension, terror, troubled, constipation, weakness, extra sensitivity, rough or dry skin, sleeplessness, weight loss, body pain, headaches, memory problems, poor focus, intolerance to heat, etc. Because of lots of symptoms it become difficult to diagnose multiple sclerosis, and also there is no blood tests to detect it.

There is nothing-specific yoga for multiple sclerosis due to its vast symptoms. But all general yoga techniques like, stretching, breathing exercises and meditation can helpful in treatment of Multiple. Due to all the yoga techniques one can release tension, improves blood circulation in body as well as body awareness increases. Yoga practice helps in reduction of fatigue in-patient, also helps in harmonization of muscles and nervous systems and this results more fluid circulation in body and finally get relief from muscle tension. As the patientís body attentiveness recovers, he / she is able to identify the initial sign of stress on the body before it gets irresistible.