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Yoga for Arms

Every one wish for the perfect arms but problem is to attain it. Whereas there are lots of regular workouts are practiced to develop well-toned arms. There are many yoga poses especially for arms and with the help of that poses one can achieve desired results. Yoga for arms makes your arm and muscles stronger and keeps them flexible. When this yoga poses is done properly, than these poses line up your arm muscles so that you can save your arms from pain and injury.
Yoga exercises for Arms:
Crow Pose (Bakasana):
This pose start with bending of knees slowly and take your palms levelled on the ground concerning shoulder apart. Afterwards, place your knees at the backside of upper arms. After that slowly come forward and lift the weight of your body on arms. Now take feet off the ground, one at a time, so you can easily balance your both feet up. Hold this pose only few seconds and then get back. This exercise of yoga for arms helps in strengthening of wrists and forearms.
Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana):
To start this exercise, first, place yourself on the ground with your hands and knees. Now place your knees exactly under the hips and put your hands in forward direction, slightly in front of your shoulders. Now open your palms broad and your index fingers should be facing parallel and turn your toes under. Now lift your knees away from the ground. Keep your knees bent and heels lifted away from the ground. Now stretch your tailbone away just after your pelvis. To resist this pose, lift the sitting bones to the top and draw inner legs with the help of inner ankles up into the groin part.
Four-Limbed Staff Pose (Chaturanga Dandasana):
It is more or less like a push-up. First bend the arms towards the back from the Plank situation whereas keeping the upper arms enfold onto the sides can perform the Chaturanga pose. After that come lower to the base, make your forearms and your upper arms in a perpendicular position. Keep your whole body in level and than push the heels back. Afterwards, roll your toes and come Upward Facing Dog pose. This pose is beneficial in strengthening of arms, wrist as well as abdomen.