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Yoga for Eyes

Eyes are called as windows to our soul. Our eyes always wear the mask of our emotions; they can hold plenty of useless tension and stress. Eyes get exhausted and dry from excess of use and inappropriate lighting. Generally we do not exercise our eye muscles, however, we use our eyes all the time, and putting eyes under continuous strain. The single time the eyes get rest is when we are sleeping. Mainly eye problems are because of loss of tones from the eye muscles. So that eye muscles become stiff, and due to loss of elasticity, ability of eye lens to focus at distance get reduced and finally eyesight become weaker. Yoga for eyes tones the eye muscles and maintains their elasticity.

Following Yoga exercises for eyes are easy to do, and one can be perform them any time of the day:
  • Move eyes upwards as much as you can and then downwards as much as you can. Blink eyes speedily few times to calm down the eye muscles.

  • Close eyes as tight as you can just for 5 seconds. Than Open them, and close again.

  • Close your eyes and then roll eyeballs approximately a minute.

  • Rub your palms collectively and softly cup them over closed eyes for approximately a minute. This exercise is called as palming and is extremely beneficial for the eyes.

  • Sit in front of clock and then look at the number 12 for 10 seconds after that move your gaze to 6. Rapidly do this about 10 times. After that move your eyes horizontally, in the 3-9 positions and at the end move them in diagonal position that is 2-7 and 10-4.

  • Look up to the location in the centre of your eyebrows. Hold this position for few seconds and then move your eyes downward in the direction of your nose. This exercise is called “Sambhavi mudra”.

  • Use soft and dim lights in your place of work. Bright lights enhance eyes strain.

  • Every form of yoga reduces pressure on eyeballs and it is good for healthy eyes, so keep exercising.