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Yoga for Dummies

Lots of people think that yoga is just stretching. But yoga is actually about making balance in the body through developing both strength (power) and flexibility (elasticity). This is done through the presentation of postures, all of which has definite physical benefits. Word Yoga is mainly generated by a Sanskrit word and it’s meaning is unite (union). Mainly yoga is joining or connection of individual parts like body and mind, mind with heart, heart with spirit so that one can get joyful and balanced life. Yoga is considered in India as one of the branch from six different branches of traditional philosophy and also it is exist in “Vedas” which is one of the oldest texts in existence. With Yoga for dummies, one can develop its fit and successful years of living far beyond the conventional means and also develop and improve the quality of life.

Yoga for dummies is broadly divided into four sections: Posture (asanas), Breathing, Meditation, and Relaxation.
Yoga Poses are heart of yoga practice and each yoga poses has its own mental and physical benefits. Yoga postures are combination of different poses and each pose is designed for strengthening of specific body part and to develop physical awareness toward your body.

Breathing technique in yoga is called as Pranayama. Pranamyam is a Sanskrit word that means “control of prana or breath. Pranayama word is composed of two different Sanskrit words, first is Prana, means “life control” or mainly, the breath, and second one is "Ayama", means to suspend or restrain. It is often explained as organizing the life force (prana).

Meditation is one of the five ethics of yoga. A common person may believe meditation as a devotion or prayer. But meditation is not devotion or prayer only. Meditation simply means consciousness. Anything you do with consciousness or awareness is meditation. Meditation is not a procedure or system but a means of life. One who is doing meditation realizes that all the actions of the mind are concentrated into one.

Generally after yoga sessions people go for relaxation phase, which is the most important as well as beneficial for mental functioning. This time one can allow body to get relaxed and mentally feel free from all tensions.