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Yoga for high blood pressure

Yoga for High Blood Pressure
For High blood pressure there are several reasons like unhealthy lifestyle, anxiety, tension, lack of rest, extreme drinking of alcohol, chain smoking, metabolic disorders, fatness, extreme drinking of tea and, regular use of certain strong drugs (medicines). To control High Blood Pressure occupy yourself with things that you likes to do such as reading, listening music, going for walks, etc. These things will stay you happy and you will automatically feel your stress level goes down. Also make sure that you are eating healthy food and stays away from too much of oil and spice. Along with these basic activities yoga practice will help lot to normalize your blood pressure. Yoga helps in cure and prevention of High Blood pressure through mind and body activities. There are some Yoga Poses; if sufferer follows, it helps in managing High Blood pressure. Yoga is not the only cure for High Blood pressure; so get doctor’s suggestion before starting Yoga practices.

Cat Pose
The Cat Yoga Pose instruct you to start movement from your middle and to synchronize your movement and breathe.

  1. Bend down on your hands and knees.
  2. Now place your hands exactly under your shoulders with fully spread fingers and your knees exactly under the hips.
  3. Make your back straight and smooth.
  4. Produce a line of force through both arms by pressing down into your hands and lifting up out of your shoulders. Go to and fro like this some time.
  5. When you are set to start, breathe deeply and at you exhalation, turn your like into Cat tip.
Breathing Exercise (Nadi shodhana)
Nadi Shodhana exercise helps to quiet the mind and makes it favourable for meditation.

  1. Sit in a relaxing position and calm down all the body parts.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Now close your left nostril with your thumb and gradually breathe in and breathe out through the right nostril. Repeat it starting with right nostril.
Meditation helps one to feel its inner identity.

Steps : Close your eyes and focus your concentration on the point between the eyebrows. Chant 'Om' mantra for a few minutes until a calm feeling touches you.