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Yoga for Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a situation of abnormal curvature of the spine that has a tendency to develop with age. This disorder of abnormal curvature of the spine is more common in females. In some cases curvature of the spine increases more than 70 degrees, giving a spoiled figure to the back. Only in some extreme cases surgery is possible. Surgery is generally done when spine is taking a bend of more than 35 to 40 degrees. But, before surgery it is very important to attempt yoga for scoliosis. Yoga is slow-healing procedure aimed at support and treats the scoliosis-affect spine. Yoga for scoliosis is helpful in tightening of those muscles that have become weak because of the wrong or irregular posture. Yoga is a type of disciplined exercises that requires mastered at a definite extent to get the required results. Yoga helps to raise the concentration level and correct blood circulation to all depressed or compressed parts of the body.

Listed below are selected postures of yoga for scoliosis is particularly very beneficial:
Marichyasana (Sage twist)
The Marichyasana is one of the finest yoga techniques for scoliosis. This exercise stretches to the spine very deeply.
  1. First sit down on the ground and stretch your legs straight out in front.
  2. Bend left knee and get your left arm around within your inner left thigh and try to grip your outer left ankle.
  3. Now breathe in and turn your chest and head at extreme to the right as you can.
  4. Finally stretch out our right hand straight behind your body, with your palms on the floor for hold. Be in the posture for some time and experience the stretch along your spine. Return to the initial position and repeat this stretch on the second side
Salabhasana (Locust Pose)
The Salabhasana is a different and excellent yoga for scoliosis.
  1. Lie down flat with your chest to the floor with straight legs and keep your arms at side
  2. For support, slide your arms below your thighs.
  3. Relax your chin on the ground and breathe in slowly and lift your legs, chest, and head off the ground and experience the stretch along your spine. Hold this pose for as long as you can and then gradually return to the initial pose.