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Yoga Meditation

Meditation is one of the five ethics of yoga. A common person may believe meditation as a devotion or prayer. But meditation is not devotion or prayer only. Meditation simply means consciousness. Anything you do with consciousness or awareness is meditation. "Watching your breath" is also meditation; pay attention towards birds voice is meditation. As long as any activity is free from any type of distraction of mind, it is successful meditation. In other words Meditation is a mental control by which one can reach the deeper state of relaxation or awareness of mind. Meditation normally involves turning concentration to a particular point of reference. Meditation is not a procedure or system but a means of life. It explains a situation of consciousness, where the mind is free from dotted thoughts. One who is doing meditation realizes that all the actions of the mind are concentrated into one.

For every activity of contemporary world, there is fundamental need for stillness, inner peace, and a moment of expression. Meditation not only decreases stress but it can also give us much more. Some of the benefits that every day meditation can give us are:

  • Meditation helps to reduce stress and give chance to spend time with your self.

  • Meditation has health benefits like it reduces level of stress and nervousness and also is diminish heart diseases significantly.

  • The art of meditation teaches that, how to control our thoughts, and with the help of meditation we can also control our uncontrollable mind.

  • Meditation takes us to the basis of pleasure, which actually is our own peace of mind. If we can meditate with a silent mind, we will find out a surprising source of happiness inside our own self.

  • Concentration is necessary to fulfill our potential. Meditation is steadily recovers our power of concentration. This focus can be used equally for meditation, and for other activities we connect in.

  • If you experience vacant from inside; if you desire to know more about yourself, then only meditation can help you. Generally we look for meaning in life through outside events and other people. Meditation shows us that we can gain a better understanding of life by knowing "who we are".