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Yoga for Migraine

Migraine is a vascular type of headache caused due to soreness and irritation of the nerve of the brain, which end results, is the extension of the blood vessels of the shell of the brain. In some cases light spots formed around the eyes that are also visible while the eyes are closed. These light spots are formed because of restriction of blood veins followed by dilatation and dissention. Generally in Migraine vomiting followed headache. Many times migraine begins in childhood. The Migraine situation is usually come with harsh feeling to light, nausea, dizziness, and in extreme situations, vomiting started. Migraine pain is normally concentrated in the back of the head, neck, and around the sinuses. It can weaken normal functioning of body for approximately three days or sometime more. Migraine is the conditions for which there is no definite cure. Most common reason for migraine is tension and stress.

Yoga therapy is very helpful in migraine pain but only when if applied regularly. Regular practice of yoga could bring the required results to the patient. Yoga techniques recommended for migraine are
  1. Yoga Nidra or Deep Relaxation,
  2. Pranayama
  3. Simple Meditations.
  4. Shirshasana and Sarvangasana
This breathing exercise will help in controlling body temperature, and make the saliva cool. Ujjayi breathing, or the hissing breathes, Nadi shodhana, or alternate nostril breathing and anulom vilom or alternate nostril breathing is some specific types of pranayama that can be used effectively toward Migraine attack. To control migraine Pranayama should be practiced regularly. Treatment with pranayama techniques can be started only after an attack of migraine over.

Practicing Shirshasana for one minute and Sarvangasana for five minutes daily is also very beneficial in cure of migraine.