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Yoga for Digestion

Many digestion problems and symptoms appear in actually healthy people. Generally they are not diagnosed because these problems are not “severe”. Symptoms like gas, swelling, diarrhoea, constipation, belching, food sensitivities, digestive disorders, irritable bowel condition, are very common problems that they are considered as normal. But a slow-moving bowel can hold pounds of old toxic fecal material. Due to collection of this type of toxic material body Defence systems become week and eventually leads to serious disease. Yoga for digestion gives continuous and long-term cure for most of the digestive problems.

Some yoga poses are designed to maintain digestion by activating the breath and muscles of the abdomen:

Mudrasana (Psychic Union pose)
This pose helps in relieving constipation, control diabetes, increase metabolism and supports nutrient absorption. The massaging movement on adrenals is for body relaxiation. Try to control excessive emotional disturbance during exercise.

Udarakarshanasana (Abdominal twist pose)
This asana allows a fresh flow of blood to the complete digestive region. The liver that is occupied with over 500 functions is massaged and recharged. This asana also offer relief from constipation and support weight loss. The spine is given a thorough workout.

Supta Vajrasana (Lying thunderbolt)
In this asana forceful stretch at the abdomen increase metabolism and support digestion process. The chest expansion increases respiration, which is extremely essential for digestion.

Navkasana (Boat pose)
This pose helps in controlling diabetes, increases digestion, metabolism, reduces constipation, support muscles and prevents sagging. It also tones up legs and shape up thighs.

Tolungulasana (Balance pose)
This pose is very relaxing. If one hold knees against stomach than it effect greatly on the digestive zone.

Yastikasana (Stick pose)
This is a relaxing pose, which tones the spine, increases digestion and reduces constipation immediately. Also makes you slim.