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Preparation of yoga

For excellent preparation of yoga one must required spiritual and mental willingness as well as proper clothing and an appropriate space. Lots of practitioners of yoga start their training with easy breathing exercises and extended future to clear the mind and open up the lungs. For excellent preparation of yoga one should take care of following things:

  1. Time:
    Best time for Yogic Practices is early in the morning else late in the evening with vacant or clear stomach.

  2. Clothing:
    Cloths should be easy for the body movements and must be relaxing.

  3. Place:
    For Yoga practices place should be well ventilated.

  4. Seat:
    A Yoga Mat or Carpet and soft stretched sheet are used for Yoga practice.

  5. Food:
    It is not suggested to practice yoga in packed stomach, eat 3-4 hours before practice time. Wait 2 or 3 hours after a main meal or 1 hour after a breakfast or snack.

  6. Drink:
    Smoking and Alcoholic drinks are avoided before starting Yoga.

  7. Capacity:
    One should never rehearsal or give in excess of bending and stretching beyond his or her capacity, Jumpy and bouncy actions are avoided.

  8. Breathing:
    Use only nose for breathing and breathing should be synchronized with physical movements.

  9. Regularity:
    For best results regular practice is essential.

  10. Sleep:
    up to optimum time sleep is essential.

  11. Guidance:
    Yoga practice should be done under proper guidance.