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Yoga for Good Sleep

Now a day’s people not getting proper sleep. This is all because of tensions, and latest trend of nightlife. If you have problem in sleeping and if your sleeplessness is stress-related than include yoga exercises in your life, it is best solution. Some simple yoga exercises at the end of an exhausted day can do miracle for your physical preparation for bed. Yoga poses calm your mind and prepare it for good sleep.

Exercising on a regular basis may help you sleep healthier at night. If you done some energetic and tough yoga exercises, like "Power Yoga" or "Ashtanga" three times a week it is not only keep you physically fit but also improve your sleep. Avoid powerful exercise just before you go to bed. “Three part Breath” is extremely good for cleaning of mind from whole day tensions, so one can use this simple exercise as sleeping preparation exercise.

Before going for sleep one can do some simple poses of yoga for good sleep. This yoga poses also helps in reducing tension. Start with exercise called "Happy Baby". This exercise is best choice because it releases the back and hips, so that one can feel loose and relaxed. Second exercise is "Goddess Pose", which relax the groins. Best part of above two exercises is that you can do both while lying on bed. Generally every Yoga classes are end with "Corpse Pose" and it is also good exercise to end your day. If you recover that your mind is travelling during this exercise then, don't hold yourself in your thoughts; instead of that pay attention toward your breath, so that your can easily get a break from your active mind and your mind get relaxed and ready for good sleep.